Faux Wax Seal 2D Stickers for Weddings Invitations - Monstera, Save the Date

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This is a STICKER made to appear like a wax stamp.

According to USPS, it is okay to mail an envelope with a wax stamp but due to the sorting process, there is no guarantee that it will arrive intact. At the post office processing plant, all mail is sent through a machine that rapid separates them by shape. The machine will also adjust the letters so that the addresses are facing the same way, right side up. Then the envelope is stamped, barcoded, and sorted even further. We can only imagine how many hands (or machines) it will go through before it arrives at its destination. Not to mention, it will add extra weight to your package... meaning it will cost a bit more.

Therefore, we have created this sticker! You can still achieve the similar look of a wax stamp without the worry. We can make it in any color, size, or design. Please contact us for more info about the customizing process.

Material: Sticker paper

Size: Each stamp 1.1 inch diameter

Quantity: 12 stickers per sheet

Price: $5.50 per sheet

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